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Angaza Elimu Solar kits

With minimal alternatives for lighting, parents and children from rural areas in developing countries are often caught in the cycle of poverty. In particular, fuel-based lighting (kerosene) is expensive, dangerous and unhealthy while providing poor illumination and contributing to carbon emissions.

Home Solar Kit/ HiNation AngazaBoma® is our light and charging kit designed for a home environment. We provide accessible quality products that bring light powered by solar energy.

Working with quality, innovation and collaboration we want to make power and light available for everyone.


  1. 6000mAh. Powerbank
  2. Strong and durable
  3. Small enough to fit in a pocket
  4. It works with mobile phones, smartphones, USB radios and other devices
  5. On a full charge it can provide light to all three ultra-bright light bulbs for 10 hours. If only one or two bulbs are being used then the time can be extended
  6. It can charge up to 15 small phones on a single charge.
  7. Only 6 hours of sun to charge completely.
  8. Can also be charged with grid power when available.

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  Angaza Elimu Solar kits

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