Teacher Professional Development

The Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) is a competency-based professional development and certification offering.

Focus Areas:

  1. Digital Literacy for teachers
  2. Teaching with technology

Technology-neutral, the MCE assessment enables educators to demonstrate competency as outlined in the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization Information and Communications Technology, Competency Framework for Teachers (UNESCO ICT-CFT), Technology Literacy Approach. It also offers an opportunity for educators to differentiate themselves in the education field, and enhance their value for current and future employers. USP
Key Competencies for Teachers will include:

  1. Demonstrate Understanding of the Technology Literacy Goals Described in the CFT Framework
  2. Demonstrate Basic Knowledge of How ICT Resources Can Support Curriculum Outcomes
  1. Use Basic Tools to Support Learning Activities
  2. Organize and Manage a Standard Classroom
  3. Use Digital Literacy Tools to Enhance Professional Performance


  1. It is a professional training for teachers
  2. Its mapped to the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Educators,
  3. Its resources include a free self-assessment, free customized eLearning, and the Technology Literacy for Educators (62-193) certification exam

MCE learning and validation steps aligns to six key aspects of ICT and pedagogy integration:

  1. Education Policy
  2. Curriculum & Assessment
  3. Pedagogy
  4. ICT/Technology Tools
  5. Organization & Administration
  6. Professional Development


  1. It improves Teacher Competency
  2. It enhances Teaching and Learning
  3. It enhances teaching with technology a key ingredient for 21st century teaching and learning skills

Our Partners

  1. Virtual Learning Solutions (VLS)
  2. Certiport
  3. Taita Taveta County
  4. Computer for Schools Kenya
  5. Microsoft

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ICT integration transforming teaching and learning at Sacred Heart Secondary in Mombasa County