Cooperative Development (SACCOS)

The primary objective of the SACCOs is to mobilize savings and afford members access to appropriate financial products and services on competitive terms as a way of enhancing their livelihoods.

Over the last decade, financial inclusion (banking for the poor) has made its way into the centre stage of development policy with a common understanding that financial access is a powerful means of reducing poverty.


  1. Training on financial literacy
  2. Savings from Members


  1. Support the community in the process of registration of the Sacco and development of Bi-laws
  2. Support in appointment and training of the Sacco officials
  3. Members’ access to savings products
  4. Members’ access to affordable loan products
  5. Support the Sacco to carry out membership drives to increase membership


  1. Mysiani community- Tujinue Pamoja Savings and Credit Society