BioSIM for Health

Introduction: ICL has developed an technology intervention to automates health processes by ensuring that uniquely persons identifier is used during data collection which is remitted in real time. This is known as BioSIM4Health; a System Information Management tool.

Features: In has an inbuilt sms platform where a message is automatically sent to the client/CHV once they are registered in health facility. Registration of client is done using an iris scanner, which is the biometric identifier. This system holds bio data for the client and service providers and makes monitoring service uptake easier. The health seven pillars/components will be automated to assess facilities. An android supported App is made available to Health Management Teams, DMoH, CHEWs and CHVs for use in data entry, and reports generation. Reports from the system include performance of the health facility, disease trends, and infrastructure conditions, among other components making supportive supervision targeted and relevant.

USP: The iris scanner is an accurate unique identifier for clients in the system, hence has a high ability to track individual clients regardless of the health facility they visit and the ability to provide real time data or information.

Benefits: 1) Improve data capture, analysis and management at level 1, 2 and 3. 2) Reduction of loss to follow up; Clients will be reminded by a text message to attend scheduled hospital visits and the CHV will follow up the client where adherance has not been achieved.3) The enhanced health facilities will send feedback reports to the CHVs highlighting their perfomance and the community health summary data. 4) The CHMT will be equipped with Tablets to access real time monitoring of the healthcare data and provide targetted suppportive supervision.

Our clients: The pilot for the system will be in Kangundo Sub County in partnership .