Human Resources Management

Jireh Management Consultancy has worked with different organizations to improve their capacities in the different human resource management areas.


  1. Contractual agreement
  2. Conducting Organizational Capacity Assessment
  3. Developing Institutional Improvement plans
  4. Mentoring and training
  5. Learning visits


  1. Demand driven
  2. Individualized reports
  3. Participatory hence solution customized to local context
  4. Customized to client’s needs


  • Supports good governance
  • Facilitates evidence based solutions
  • Establishes inclusive and transparent processes
  • Facilitates ownership and accountability
  • Fosters organizational effectiveness and sustainability

Our clients:

  1. Manee NGO Kenya
  2. Bidii organization
  3. Womankind Kenya
  4. Nalala International
  5. New Life Mission
  6. Beacon of Hope
  7. Twana Twitu
  8. Hope Valley Family Institute