Economic Empowerment

Home Solar Kit/ HiNation AngazaBoma® is our light and charging kit designed for a home environment. We provide accessible quality products that bring light powered by solar energy.

Working with quality, innovation and collaboration we want to make power and light available for everyone.

Our technology has been proven to increase farm outputs such as increasing eggs from laying chickens, increase milk from dairy cows, and decrease the time for fish and chickens to grow.  In this way we are empowering Kenyans economically.


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A reliable and affordable microcredit company, supporting the growth of small scale and medium enterprises in the growth of their businesses through convenient short-term financing and entrepreneurship training.

  1. CHAP CHAP LOAN-This is a loan product accessed via a mobile phone to meet short-term needs. It is fast and instant after approval. Money is transferred directly to your M-Pesa account.
  2. MSHAHARA LOAN- This is a loan product that is available to employees of an organization with a signed MoU with us provided there is proof of salary payment for the next 3-months.

  3. BIASHARA LOAN- A loan given to business start-ups; small and medium scale, to enable them to expand their business operations.