Leadership & Governance

Nani Kiongozi campaign starts with the recruitment of 150 Kenya Mpya SEALs with 50 per sub county from Kibra in Nairobi, Kangundo in Machakos and Ainabkoi in Uasi Ngishu. This will be follwed by SEALs training, voter education, leadership Selection Committee (LSC) and then leadership vetting.

Citizens and communities have an important role to play with regard to enhancing accountability of public officials, reducing corruption and leakage of funds and improving public service delivery. As a result, Social Accountability has become an attractive approach to both the public sector and civil society for Improving governance processes, service delivery outcomes, and improving resource allocation decisions.

I Choose Life – Africa supports involvement of citizens, users of services, and civil society organizations in the monitoring and evaluation of service delivery and public works. Score cards have been developed to support the process of monitoring how the leaders are performing with respect to their constitutional functions. The organization has in the past supported communities from county levels to ward level to develop their own monitoring plans which they have used to assess their leaders performance

The Triple Helix Summit will seek to catalyze the overall attainment of the SDGs. The scale and ambition of the SDGs requires a paradigm shift in Global Partnership to ensure their achievement. The Summit proposes the use of a Quadra Helix approach that incorporates the Governments, the private sector, Civil Society and the Academia in exploring the use of ICT and Data in accelerating the attainment of SDGs. The Summit will be held every year in Kenya.