Biometric Student Information Management System (BioSIM)


Management of students’ information in schools using the current manual system has posed a great challenge due to lack of real time information to enhance decision making. Direct reporting to higher level upto the Ministry of Education Science presents information loss and thus automation of processes is a critical factor in order to meet the 21st century education goals.

About BioSIM Managing School’s students’ enrollment, classroom attendance and learning can be a rigorous process with the current manual system presently employed at various schools are unable to meet these challenges.

ICL has developed a Biometric Student Information Management system (BioSIM), a web based School Information Management System that has automated students’ and school information management in Kenyan schools.


The system uses the iris as a unique identifier and comprises of:

  1. Enrollment Module which can track student enrollment in schools
  2. A Class attendance module that automates tracking of students’ class attendance
  3. A performance management module
  4. A School Fees modules that aids track information on school fees payment*.
  5. Parents Management module
  6. Teachers Management Module
  7. Quality Assurance Module for the Quality Assurance and Standards Officers

Academic and Career Mentorship

  • BioSIM offers the Ministry of Education Science and Technology with the entire Quality Index rating tool.
  • This integration offers the Quality Assurance and Standards Officers with a one stop platform that assess schools and generates a report real time.
  • The platform is able to link the school performance to the quality index school, this breakthrough integration will allow for the alignment of resources to schools with great need
  • Non Repudiate proof of school enrolment hence accurate allocation of funds for schools
  • Real time and Non repudiate proof of students attendance
  • Greater involvement of parents in school activities
  • Flexible and adaptable to different geographic regions in Kenyan education landscape
  • Valuable asset to the MoEST in tracking students who move from school to school
  • Can easily be adapted to enhance national security in the country


  • Track actual student enrolment
  • Track student attendance
  • Track student performance
  • Track teacher attendance
  • Track school fee payment*
  • Inform parents of student attendance via SMS
  • Track missing/lost/kidnapped children
  • Enhance child security
  • DQASO school and teacher assessment time reduced.
  • Work of DQASO reduced due to the fact that they know what they are checking in schools.
  • Data can be assessed on a real time basis at different levels.

Our Clients

  1. Primary Schools
  2. Secondary Schools
  3. Tertiary Institutions