Jiimarishe ERIKS Project

ERIKS project is a High School programme being implemented in Kisii county. The project is tailored to increase the level of risk perception of the youth in school and to also promote abstinence as a HIV prevention measure. ERIKs is a joint project implemented by I Choose Life Africa in close partnership with Ministry of Education Science and Technology and Ministry of Health.

Project Goal Jiimarishe ERIKS project seeks to reduce HIV incidence among 15-19 year olds in Kisii County

Project Objectives

  1. To increase levels of risk perception through knowledge and skill building among 15-19 year olds on HIV/AIDS
  2. To promote abstinence among 15-19 year olds
  3. To strengthen county coordination mechanism for harmonious implementation of HIV/ AIDS related school health programs


  1. Jiimarishe ERIKS project serves 3,000 adolescents aged 15-19 years and 30 university students aged 20-24 years, who serve as mentors for the adolescents.
  2. The project also serves 5,250 individuals including teachers, parents and other community members.

The project is implemented in 10 secondary schools in Kisii County

Our Partners

  1. ERIKS Development Partners