Water Tank Project

People of Kangundo Sub County, Machakos County in Kenya are experiencing acute problem of inadequate and/or unclean drinking water over the years. Since the area is highly drought prone, there is very little rainfall during the monsoons. The groundwater table levels in this region run very deep and with scanty rainfall bore wells used for drinking water. Thus they depend on storage of rain- water, purchase water or travel 2 to 3 kms for a bucket of water every day. I Choose Life – Africa (USA) started this initiative that provides water tanks to these poor families so that they
can store clean drinking water.

How It Works

  • The water tanks that they install can be used for storage of drinking water or for storage of rain- water.
  • A number of village level groups have been formed in the entire field area, Village Development Committees, Youth Clubs, Children’s clubs etc.
  • Beneficiaries are selected based on the recommendation of self help groups and other community level organizations.
  • After getting the final list of potential beneficiaries, the core team of the organization (ICL) verifies the ground reality by visiting the potential beneficiaries’ homes.
  • The core team then selects beneficiaries based on economic conditions of
    the families.
  • The families must agree to share the water tanks with their neighbours
    and contribute labour during its construction.

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  Water Tank Project

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