Stories of Change

Exposure and Esteem Changing a girl’s life

She still can’t believe that she is the same girl that had given up on life, courtesy to an early marriage immediately after KCPE. Donning a grey skirt with a matching blazer on top of a white blouse, the wide grin plastered all over her face says it all inside the classroom, which indicates an increase in self-esteem. She now does better in her exams.

Meet *Patience Pendo, 20 year old form 3 student from Mwakirunge Secondary school.

The first thing she says on seeing us during the exhibition at SOS is, nimefurahi Sana kuwaona! Jielimishe imenisaidia sana. She is excited to be the only beneficiary selected to acknowledge what GEC has done to her during an award ceremony graced by the first lady, Margret Kenyatta.

Patience is one of the beneficiaries of the GEC project lead by I Choose Life Africa with support from UKAID Government through DFID, She is among the young mothers selected for re-enrolment in 2015.Having done her KCPE five years ago, by then, her only hope was to get a man and comfortably settle to raise a family, there being no one to pay for her O level education.

When Jielimishe was scouting for young mothers willing to continue with their studies, Patience was glad to get the opportunity. At first the scholarship was only catering for day school tuition. On realising that she was surviving on well-wishers, Jielimishe GEC fully sponsored her for boarding. This has made learning very easy for her. She is peacefully pursuing her studies, happy that her 5-year old son is under the good care of her mother.

Boarding the taxi, she portrayed a face that was motivated….the visit, which involved shaking hands with Kenya’s first lady was a land mark to her life. .. In her final remarks nikienda kwetu Tezo wenzangu wananiuliza wafanye vipi wapate msaada kama huo, manake maisha bila masomo ni magumu sana .It is clear that more girls need such support.

Patience with the Jielimishe team during the  First Lady visit at SOS Village Mombasa