Stories of Change


“BioSIM has increased parents involvement in their childrens school attendance. It has made easier for us as teachers as well as far as tracking attendance is concerned” Said Mr Hebron when Jielimishe staff went to do a BioSIM support visit.  Mr Hebron Even went ahead and narrated the story of one of his student who BioSIM helped in tracking. Aisha Abdulaziz* is a student of Sacred Heart Secondary school.

Her parents live and work in Nairobi. At home she lives with their house maid and siblings. Aisha has been leaving home in her school uniform saying she is leaving for school only to divert and go to places only she knew. Her parents being too busy would just follow up with the maid who would confirm that indeed she went to school. Little did they know their daughter disappeared along the way to school.

It happened that her teachers decided to finally start using BioSIM to take roll calls after continuous follow up by Jielimishe. A text was sent to her father informing him that her daughter was not in school. He called the teacher, Mr. Hebron Mwagodi, to ask what exactly the text was talking about. To him, his little angel never missed school. The teacher explained the new technology and how it works. The parent tasked the teacher to look for the student in the school compound which he did but could not find her. When the maid was called, she said the girl had left for school that morning.

The next day the parent travelled to Mombasa to address the indiscipline case. The student together confirmed that indeed she has been missing school. She was disciplined and promised to never miss school without a good reason, true to her word, Aisha has never missed school since.